Beautiful co-living apartments in Berlin

Say goodbye to the crazy apartment hunt in Berlin. With LifeX you can now live in beautiful, furnished co-living apartments in top locations.
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What's included

Just bring your suitcase, we’ve got you covered with all the essentials.
Flatscreen TV
Nordic design furniture
Fast Wi-Fi
Dishwasher & Laundry
All basic appliances
Kitchen utensils
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Trusted by members from 50+ countries

"Finding a place to live is tough, but finding a community to call home is even tougher when you're in a new place. That's why LifeX is so awesome! Amazing place, amazing people."

"Having come from living in a single studio I was apprehensive about living in a new country and with others. Over a year and a half later I'm still loving it and cannot overstate the value of LifeX as a whole."

"I love to live here! It's a whole different concept from student life: professional people are more organized and I have so much in common with all of them!"

"LifeX is amazing, and the people are too! I am especially grateful for the help with all the various registrations as it enabled me to focus getting up to speed with everything at my new job."

"We first heard about LifeX through a colleague at my partner’s new office. Almost one year on and we are still happily at LifeX. We live in a beautiful, modern apartment in the heart of Copenhagen."

"The staff is amazing and very helpful, I don't imagine how it would have been without them. Also the apartments are really well located and equipped. I totally recommend LifeX to anyone who's moving to a foreign country."

"LifeX is a brilliant way to immediately feel at home in a new city. When I moved to Copenhagen the thought of finding an apartment was daunting, but LifeX made everything so easy."

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Nordic design apartments

We handpick each apartment, and give it a stylish makeover. Our Berlin co-living apartments consist of a living room, kitchen, bathrooms and 4-6 private rooms in various sizes that fit both individuals and couples.
Beautiful Danish design furniture
Onsite laundry & all appliances
Kitchen utencils & supplies
Plants, artwork etc.

Friendly community of young professionals

LifeX houses great people from all over the world. Feel like having a cozy dinner, a game-night? Or maybe you just want to recharge alone? The co-living apartments are big enough for both togetherness and privacy.

More time for great experiences

We only live once. That's why we've thrown out the chore calendar. We clean the co-living apartments 2 times a week and provide all the essential supplies. This way you can live your life with fewer worries and more time on your hands.

We welcome everyone! Singles and couples from all over the world.

Perfect for newcomers to Berlin

  • ✓ Low deposit
  • ✓ Move in within days
  • ✓ No hidden agency fees
  • ✓ No Schufa (credit score) required
  • ✓ No German bank account required
  • ✓ No need to buy furniture or equipment
  • ✓ Ability to register official address (Anmeldung)

Rooms are beautifully furnished and designed by HAY.

All-in-one pricing

No hidden fees, no additional charges. You pay one bill a month and that's it.
LifeX Basic+
✓ Included
✓ Included
✓ Included
✓ Included
✓ Included
✓ Included
✓ Included
✓ Included
Total cost:
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LifeX co-living locations in Berlin

LifeX co-living apartments can be found in various neighbourhoods of Berlin: Mitte, Moabit, Charlottenburg & Tiergarten.
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What our members love about co-living?

Ezre Galaczi
Engineer at Leo Innovation Labs
Ellen Paulig
Theatre actor
Jordane Pagand
Engineer at Tonsser

Next steps to join LifeX

  • Sign up belowApply to LifeX, see current availabilities and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.
  • Have a member evaluation callWe conduct a short interview with each potential new member to evaluate the community fit and help you find the best possible new home.
  • Sign a digital contractWe communicate quickly and make the process as smooth as possible.
  • Move into LifeXWe'll welcome you into the apartment and the wider city community.

Welcome to stress-free living in Berlin

Never again worry about furnishing, utility bills, cleaning or dealing with an annoying landlord. From €900/m.

Rated 5 stars on Trustpilot

Why choose Berlin?

City shaped by its unique history
Greenest city in Germany with lots of parks
Alternative art center of Germany
Massive public transit system
50% Berliners are unmarried. Lots to mingle
Food lovers paradise even for the vegans
'Multikulti' capital for its awesome diversity
+1500 beers types plus local Berliner Weiße
Most infamous underground nightlife scene
Low cost of living compared to its size

Berlin co-living FAQ

Who lives in LifeX Berlin?
Individuals and couples from all over Germany, Berlin and the rest of the world live in LifeX.

LifeX is best suited for young professionals that value their time and flexibility - people that just want to have a cozy clean home in a nice location and not worry about daily chores.
How many people live in one home?
Our LifeX co-living homes in Berlin typically host between 4-7 people. Each member has their own private room and shares the rest of the apartment with others.

All Berlin apartments are fully furnished and have a big living room, kitchen and bathrooms.
What is the application process?
We try to make the process of getting into LifeX co-living Berlin as simple as possible.

You sign up on our website and our member evaluation team will be in touch as soon as possible to conduct a short interview (this is done to ensure fit in the community and each individual home). After the call you can sign an online contract within minutes.
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🏡 How is LifeX different to other co-living places ▾

LifeX focuses on providing comfortable family-style co-living homes in Berlin. We do our best to find cozy apartments that each have a beautiful big kitchen, living room and a few private rooms. We want our places to feel as homely as possible and that's why we shy away from big buildings full of "upscale dorm rooms" which can sometimes be associated with co-living.

🏷️ What is included in the price? ▾

🙋 What's next? How do I apply to LifeX Berlin? ▾

We try to make the application and move-in process as quick and as simple as possible. After you sign up below, our team will reach out and do a short evaluation interview. We do an interview with each new potential member to ensure compatibility - we aim to bring together a diverse set of young professionals that love to live in a respectful and clean home. After the interview, you can sign an online contract and move in within days.

Live stress-free in Berlin

Never again worry about furnishing, utility bills, cleaning or dealing with an annoying landlord. From €900/m.

Rated 5 stars on Trustpilot