Coliving in Berlin, Germany

You heard about the Berlin Buzz and can’t wait to get in on it and experience it first hand? You will definitely not be disappointed! Berlin is a multi-cultural city, with hidden treasures always tickling your fascination. A lively city which will definitely keep you on your toes from day one!

Some call Berlin the most vibrant city on the planet

City shaped by its unique history
Greenest city in Germany with lots of parks
Alternative art center of Germany
Massive public transit system
50% Berliners are unmarried. Lots to mingle
Food lovers paradise even for the vegans
'Multikulti' capital for its awesome diversity
+1500 beers types plus local Berliner Weiße
Most infamous underground nightlife scene
Low cost of living compared to its size

What our members have to say about LifeX and coliving in Berlin.

Berlin membership & locations

from 800-1200/m EUR
from 1200-1400/m EUR
1000 EUR
Month to month flexibility (min 3 months)

"Finding a place to live is tough, but finding a community to call home is even tougher when you're in a new place. That's why LifeX is so awesome! Amazing place, amazing people."

Sarah Gill
Community Manager, Founders
Relocated from UK

"I love to live here! Is a whole different concept from student life: professional people are more organized and I have so much in common with all of them!"

María Angélica Saavedra
Designer, Lix Technologies
Relocated from Colombia

"LifeX is amazing, and the people are too! I am especially grateful for the help with all the various registrations as it enabled me to focus getting up to speed with everything at my new job."

Morgan Habedank
Finance Manager 
Relocated from US

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