LifeX Copenhagen

The capital of hygge, and the most livable city with the happiest people in the world!
LifeX can help you become one of them!

LifeX vs normal Copenhagen rental market:

Contract length & terms

Contracts are usually 6-24 month
LifeX let you stay as long as you like
The process is usually slow
LifeX let you move in within days
3-month notice is standard
LifeX has 1 month notice period

Deposit & Landlords

Landlords are often unresponsive
LifeX has a responsive community
Deposits are often 6 months,
a minimum 3 months
LifeX has a deposit of DKK 10.000


Good locations are rare
LifeX are in prime locations
Apartments are rarely furnished
LifeX is fully furnished

LifeX Copenhagen locations

All LifeX apartments are in prime locations; Old town, Frederiksberg, Nørrebro, Vesterbro, and Østerbro

Copenhagen pricing comparison example

LifeX members in our basic+ room category save around €600 /m over
a typical studio apartment.
LifeX Basic +
Total cost:

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