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Our mission at LifeX is to offer anyone a home, anywhere in the world. Having a safe and secure home has increasingly become more and more important, especially in unprecedented times like these where we have to adapt to changing circumstances, both socially and economically.

In this statement, you can read what measures are in place at LifeX, in the light of the current pandemic. You will find the commitments we have made in order to ensure the health and safety of all LifeX members. We will continue to monitor and review all steps taken and adapt to changing circumstances where needed.

Clear, transparent and proactive communication
Our members are our top priority, which is why we make a consistent effort to collect feedback and respond to any questions or concerns they have. Furthermore, all our members have access to our online manual with guidelines and best practices on coliving during a pandemic. We commit ourselves to keep our community up to date on current and upcoming restrictions via our monthly newsletter. 

Contact-free move in
Our entire application process can be handled digitally and we offer the possibility to use a key sharing system that makes moving in super safe and flexible. All new members are required to get tested according to local government guidelines and sign a waiver stating that they have understood and followed these guidelines before moving in. 

In uncertain times like these, we understand that many people may not be comfortable signing long leases. Therefore, we offer short term and flexible contracts so members can have peace of mind and know they are free to leave with just 1-month notice.

High hygiene standards
At LifeX, we have always had very high cleaning standards. During the pandemic, we focus on hygiene even more. All our housekeepers are trained in taking precautions. We strive to continue to provide the services we promised at all times, but whenever the government restrictions made this impossible, we refund our members for the services we were not able to provide while continuing to pay our housekeeping staff.

Connection and community
Coliving is ideal for those who don’t want to live alone but prefer to share a spacious home with a small group of like-minded and respectful people. Our family-style coliving apartments with 4 up to 7 rooms offer the chance to really connect with your housemates and form friendships in a time when this is extra important. 

All our members have access to a global online community via our member app where you can reach out to the community or join (virtual) interest groups. Our focus during the pandemic is on strengthening the community in our homes even more. We organize in-house sponsored events for members to participate in with their housemates. Learn more about our members and our community efforts on our blog

Although these are hard times for all of us, we believe that together we have the power to overcome COVID-19 and bring a newfound strength that will help our community grow even stronger. We are grateful for all the positivity our members have shown and want to thank them for all their support.

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