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Our model

We rent big apartments and buildings in the most attractive parts of the big european cities and convert them into fully furnished and serviced co-living communities, tailored towards professionals as their first home in a new city.

We work directly with forward thinking companies that value their international talent and often hand over all parts of the relocation process for their new hires to LifeX, including their first place to stay.

This means that our members are highly educated and well compensated professionals that are relocating for work, making us ideal neighbours. Their average age is around 29 years and they come from all parts of the world, including England, USA, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Brazil, Russia and Denmark. All potential members has to pass our evaluation process in order to be accepted.

We deliver a high quality experience to our members, so we’re very deliberate with the setup of our apartments. Each member typically have between 40-50 m2 space in total and they use it as their permanent registered address and typically stays with us between 6-12 months.

We care a lot about the appearance of our locations and are working directly with some of the strongest international design companies Hay & Holmris Design Brokers when setting up our places.

Real estate companies love us

LifeX has received significant funding from the danish startup studio (which is funded by Kirkbi invest, William Demant Invest and Heartland) and a group of angels investors from Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

We currently have more than 2000 m2 of Copenhagen's most exclusive real estate on contract and are we’re growing our holdings every month.

LifeX is looking for long term relationships and contracts, which eliminates traditional transitions period between tenants and ease communication. We pay our rent on time and manage the properties professionally.

Our dedicated cleaning & maintenance staff  frequent our apartments - our cleaning personnel comes by the apartment 3 times a week, so we take care of all the small repair jobs that normally take up a lot of time.

Some of our current real estate partners:

Jeudan, Nordic Property Management, Herbo

"LifeX is highly professional, and delivers a product of excellent quality in high demand."

“We have been working with LifeX Aps since 2017 and they have been great tenant and concept, with no complains from neighbours. Will definitely recommend working with LifeX Aps."

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