The best talent is often beyond your own backyard

There is a war for talent. You only hire the best, and retaining that talent is critical. First experiences of your new hire play a huge part in how happy they are and ultimately, how long they stay.
LifeX is your trusted partner to mobilize your talent.
We help your new talent relocate, find a home and join a community.

The LifeX Experience


We streamline the relocation process and make your employees' first days hassle-free.


We provide your employees with a stress-free landing pad with no big upfront costs.

Community & Network

We Integrate your employees immediately into a friendly community and network.

Relocate your employees

  • Fully compliant and legal paperwork
  • Dedicated relocation manager
  • Airport pick-up and city orientation

Stress-free landing pad

  • Guaranteed rooms in 25+ centrally located apartments
  • Free cleaning, maintenance, linen, towels, fast wifi, Netflix + HBO, household supplies
  • Flexible living with an option to stay as long or short as they like

Build community and network

  • In-house dinners and hangouts
  • Local events and meetups with 150+ members
  • Lifetime LifeX membership

How relocation at LifeX works

Why are companies using LifeX for relocation?

  • To improve the relocation experience for new hires.
  • To free up time for the HR team.
  • To be more cost effective than using internal resources.

Trusted by 50+ Companies

"At LifeX, you have embodied what Wunderman is about in your personalized and human services to our prime talent."

"We love how LifeX has managed to make our international hires get a great start to their life in Copenhagen - it’s a win-win for our company and our employees."

"We chose LifeX because it was all inclusive - they organised everything throughout the citizen registration process as well as taking care of all living arrangements."

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