Room guide

All rooms feature: High quality beds w. a firm matress*. Bedtable w. lamp, desk w. lamp and small storage. Shelf, bed box, and cabinet with drawers. Rug, artwork and plants & plenty of natural light.


If you enjoy the fact that we spend a third of life in bed, and don't need a ping pong table in your room then go for a basic room.
Size: Up to 8,5 m²
For individuals

Basic +

If you practice the philosophy of Marie Kondo, and enjoy not having too much stuff in your life then this room is all you need.
Size: 8,6 - 10,5 m²
For individuals


Are you an aspiring minimalist but still not there, then a superior room will give plenty of space for both you and all your stuff.
Size: 10,6 - 12,9 m²
For individuals


Spoil your mind with extra space for thoughts, and for dust to settle. Don't worry we will take care of the cleaning.
Size: 13-16,9 m²
Includes: Couch or comfy chairs
For individuals or couples


Wake up in a world of your own. Screw the minimalist and be a maximalist. Dedicate space for all that matters most to you.
Size: 17-25+ m²
Includes: Couch or comfy chairs
For individuals or couples

Room pricing FAQ

Are there standard room prices?
Room prices depends on the city and reflects mainly the size of the room, but also location, room features are also taken into account.
What are the price range?
Our basic rooms starts at €800/m, and
a Jumbo room starts at €1450 there is typically a difference of €100-€200  between each room category.
What are prices for a couple?
Couples typically pay additional €300 /m more than individuals.

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