Room guide

Welcome to your private space. All our rooms feature high quality beds with a firm mattress* and bed frame, bedside table with a lamp, a desk with a reading lamp and chair, a closet for storage and plenty of natural light. Rugs, artwork, bookshelves and plants are also staples that vary from room to room but we do our best to give you exactly what you need.


It's true that we spend a third of our lives in bed, but that doesn’t mean we need a room big enough for a ping pong table. If you’re looking for an affordably quaint space to sleep and catch up on your most recent Netflix binge, you should go for our basic room.
Size: Up to 8,5 m²
For individuals

Basic +

If you love Marie Kondo’s minimalist style and would like to give it a try in a space slightly larger than our basic room, then this room is all you need to free yourself from the things that do not spark joy.
Size: 8,6 - 10,5 m²
For individuals


You aspire to become a minimalist but you brought two suitcases instead of one, then our regular room will give you plenty of space for both you and all your stuff.
Size: 10,6 - 12,9 m²
For individuals


Mighty people need a mighty room with extra space for thoughts, creativity and for the dust to settle… Don't worry, we will take care of the cleaning.
Size: 13-16,9 m²
Includes: Couch or comfy chairs
For individuals or couples


When has the word “jumbo” ever indicated anything average? Wake up in a world all your own and fill it with all that matters to you. Screw the minimalism and let your maximalist self out of its cage.
Size: 17-25+ m²
Includes: Couch or comfy chairs
For individuals or couples

Room pricing FAQ

Are there standard room prices?
Room prices are determined by a few factors: the size of your room, the city you are relocating to, and the room features available.
What are the price ranges?
Our basic rooms start at €800/m and our Jumbo rooms start at €1450/m. There is typically a difference of €100-€200  between each room category.
What are prices for a couple?
Couples typically pay €300 /m more than individuals.

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