Beautiful landing pad in a new city

LifeX enables your new employees to quickly feel at home in our beautiful co-living apartments. Even better: partnering with LifeX is completely free for companies.

Trusted by fast growing companies

Why LifeX for your employees?

Moving to a new city is tough and stressful. With LifeX your employees can now feel at home within an hour.

Perfect option for newcomers to the city

  • ✓ Low deposit
  • ✓ Move in within days
  • ✓ Only 1 month move-out notice
  • ✓ No local bank account needed
  • ✓ Ability to register official address
  • ✓ No need to buy furniture or equipment
  • ✓ Quickly get social network outside of work
  • ✓ Sign a digital contract before arrival to the city

Trusted by members from 50+ countries

"Finding a place to live is tough, but finding a community to call home is even tougher when you're in a new place. That's why LifeX is so awesome! Amazing place, amazing people."

"I love to live here! It's a whole different concept from student life: professional people are more organized and I have so much in common with all of them!"

"LifeX is amazing, and the people are too! I am especially grateful for the help with all the various registrations as it enabled me to focus getting up to speed with everything at my new job."

Nordic design apartments

We carefully handpick each apartment, and give it a stylish makeover. The apartments typically consist of a living room, kitchen, bathrooms and 4-6 private rooms in various sizes that fit both individuals and couples.
Nordic design furniture & style
Onsite laundry & all appliances
Kitchen utencils & supplies
Plants, artwork etc.

Friendly community of professionals

LifeX houses young professionals from all over the world. Our diverse community suits and welcomes both introverts and extroverts. This gives your employees a perfect landing pad in a new city and a social network outside of the workplace.

Complete cleaning and supplies

We clean the kitchen, bathrooms and hallways several times a week and the private rooms once 
a week. Moreover, to make your employees' life even easier, we also provide all basic supplies such as oils, toiletries, coffee and tea.

Rooms are beautifully furnished and designed by HAY.

LifeX in 6 European cities

Check out our beautiful apartments in prime locations. Browse around the availabilities below.

Why companies trust LifeX

"At LifeX, you have embodied what Wunderman is about in your personalized and human services to our prime talent."

"We love how LifeX has managed to make our international hires get a great start to their life in Copenhagen - it’s a win-win for our company and our employees."

"We chose LifeX because it was all inclusive - they take care of all living arrangements for our new employees."

See how LifeX helps Trustpilot HR team

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