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What is LifeX?

LifeX is a modern serviced living company. We are backed by Europe's top investment firms. LifeX rents out big apartments and buildings in city centres of big European cities. We furnish and decorate the apartments and turn them into beautiful homes for young professionals. This brings our real estate partners long-term peace of mind and predictable return on investment.

Why lease to LifeX?

  • 100% Reliable income
    Never again worry about tenants not paying the rent or your apartments being empty.
  • Long term contracts
    LifeX has up to 10 year contracts for leases so you never again have to find the next tenant.
  • No more tenant complaints
    LifeX finds and communicates with tenants directly and promptly. Never again deal with tenant complaints.
  • Professional maintenance
    LifeX cleans and maintains apartments on a weekly basis so your apartment is kept in perfect condition.
  • Multi-property partnership
    LifeX can lease and operate multiple properties from single real-estate owner.
  • 100% Legally compliant
    LifeX is an experienced property renter that respects local short-term rental regulation.

What kind of apartments are we looking to lease?

We carefully handpick each apartment. We are primarily interested in big apartments in central locations. Our apartments consist of a kitchen area, living room area, bathrooms and 5-8 private rooms (in various sizes for singles and couples).
Apartment size: 150-500 square metres
Location: central
Bathrooms: 1 per 3 bedrooms

Who are tenants in LifeX apartments?

Our tenants are highly educated professionals with high income. Their average age is 30 years and they come from all parts of the world. We care deeply about the community, mutual respect and hygiene standards. That's why all potential tenants have to pass our evaluation process in order to be accepted into LifeX.

Working with cities for the better future

LifeX is proud to be awarded Copenhagen Business Award in 2018.
“It is crucial that Copenhagen remains attractive to foreign talent. LifeX’s housing concept is both innovative and visionary and has therefore been awarded the 2018 Copenhagen Business Awards”
- Frank Jensen, Mayor of Copenhagen

LifeX around Europe

LifeX operates apartments in several European cities: Berlin, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Munich & Vienna
We manage a big number of beautiful apartments across EU.
Investment to-date
LifeX investors are the family behind Lego and Zalando founders.
Happy tenants
Extremely high tenant satisfaction as seen on Trustpilot.
Terminated leases
We have never terminated a lease or have been terminated by our partners.

What real estate companies say about LifeX?

"LifeX is highly professional, and delivers a product of excellent quality in high demand."

“We have been working with LifeX Aps since 2017 and they have been great tenant and concept, with no complains from neighbours. Will definitely recommend working with LifeX Aps."

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